We Kickstart Sustainable Economies.

We are a US non-profit organization that directly invests in the future of underserved communities in Malawi & other disadvantaged areas.

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We believe in our blueprint to empower communities

Education of both students and teachers through technology. Presently, we are rebuilding the Tembwe village primary school. Through use of solar energy and soon to be available satellite technology, we anticipate bringing internet access to the students and teachers in the school. So here in this remote village, children sharing one workbook (sometimes 25 kids sharing a workbook) will have the entire world opened up to them through the internet. The cost is not as much as you would believe.

Let this sink into your thought process for a moment and how much this will transform the education of these students, teachers and open up the economy. Now these children and teachers will have the same internet access that our kids and teachers in America will have. Imagine a teacher in the Village of Tembwe, Malawi being able to take a Stanford on-line college course or a student being able to learn through YouTube.   The opportunities are endless.  

Our mission is to build self-sustaining communities through education and technology.

E3’s (logo) overarching purpose is to empower economically-disadvantaged areas by kickstarting economies through education and available technology.  With today’s technology and our world economy the abject poverty in the world should not exist.  While there will always be unequal economies and political powers in the world, now more than ever, the capability exists through cooperation to lift each other up and in the process make our shared world a better place.

What Motivates Us?

While E3 does not want to push any religion for fear of creating factions and division, the organization recognizes God’s, our creator’s, higher power’s, or whatever words you choose, call to serve others as the motivating force pushing us forward. E3’s founding goal is inclusion, and that we are all equal regardless of silly labels of religion, race or background. We must help each other with love and compassion.  As Mother Theresa so eloquently emphasized: “There are no great things, only small things with great love.”

Let's Create Opportunities Together

"It was not lack of ability that limited my people, but lack of opportunity." - Nelson Mandela

We believe that opportunity is key to overcoming a self-defeating cycle, and keeps children from having their own aspirations. Our goal is to end hunger, joblessness, and give people access to basic human needs through creating opportunities. Our blueprint is designed to help communities elevate themselves. Kids, given the opportunity, can express their unique skills to accomplish great things & lift their communities out of poverty. We would be thrilled to see you among our ranks, helping elevate communities in Malawi & beyond.

Our Blueprint

Our journey has started in the Village of Tembwe, Malawi. We have partnered up with another non-profit, Compassion Kind International, assisting to build and establish the first functioning health care clinic. We are now following the below blueprint to bring sustainable development to the same village, and expand to more villages in the future.

Rebuild Schools

The first step of our blueprint is to create the environment which will act as a global hub for kids to access global education standards. Kids in the village will go from sharing one book among 30 kids to having a fully equipped computer lab.

Make Internet Accessible

We utilize solar energy and satellite internet to make internet accessible to public, especially kids. This will allow them to access educational resources that the rest of the world has access to- from YouTube to free material published by leading world institutions.

Bring Kids Back to School

Drop-out rates in Malawi are a huge problem keeping kids, especially girls from getting an education. The opportunity internet presents will bring them back to school, and jumpstart their journey to becoming future leaders in their community.

Provide Online Training for Teachers

Not only kids will benefit from having access to the internet, but also teachers will have the opportunity to learn the most advanced teaching methods, and keep up with the demands of the global economy.

Connect Village to World Economy

Having internet access will create jobs locally & globally. Students will develop skills that will help their local initiatives, and they will have the chance to adapt to a growing global gig economy, and create additional economic value in their communities.

Establish a Self-Sustaining Economy

These developments will empower the local economy to become self-sustaining, to the point where the village can keep advancing without external assistance.

Join us today and help make a lasting impact.

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