Delivering Direct & Sustainable Growth

Delivering funds to remote villages in Africa is, as you can imagine, a major challenge non-profits are facing. This limits the potential benefits of most initiatives. For this reason, we took the matter into our own hands, delivering aid directly to villages and investing in their health and education. E3 is transforming funds into tangible, and truly life changing opportunities for underdeveloped communities- such as a fully staffed health clinic in areas where medical help is out of reach. Our goal is to reach more people, especially kids who may not have access to a modern education, and helping these communities flourish through the wonders of the internet.

Establishing a Self-Sustaining Economy, Creating Opportunities

Instead of donating funds to provide temporary relief, we are on a mission to transform communities, so that they never require any financial assistance. Independent, self-sustaining economies will allow communities to not rely on aid that may never arrive. Kids receiving world-class education with access to the leading institutions will advance their communities & create more opportunities.

In 2021, we founded Educate Elevate Empower (E3).

Watch our video as we explain what our mission is!